Summer Institute 2022
18-22 September, 2022, Fuji-Yoshida, Japan


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How to get to Fujisan Station from Narita airport

  • Train (via Shinjuku station)
    1. At JR Narita airport station, take a limited express train called "Narita Express", which takes about 80 minutes to reach Shinjuku station.
    2. At the Shinjuku station, you change to JR Chuo line, take a limited express to Otsuki station (about 60 min.). The express trains are called "Kaiji", "Azusa" and "Super Azusa". Note that not all express trains stop at Otsuki.
    3. At Otsuki station, you change to the "Fuji-kyuko line" and get off at Fujisan station (about 50 min.).
  • Bus
    • There is no direct bus from Narita airport to Fujisan station at present.

How to get to Fujisan station from Haneda airport

    At Haneda Airport, take a Tokyo Monorail for Hamamatsucho station and change to the JR Yamanote Line for Shinjuku station. From Shinjuku station, see how to get Fujisan station from Narita Airport.

From Fujisan station to SI site (Fuji Calm)

    From Fujisan station it takes about 10 min. by taxi to get to the SI site "Fuji-Calm" (tell better the old name "Jinzai center" to the taxi driver).

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