Summer Institute 2022
18-22 September, 2022, Fuji-Yoshida, Japan

SI2022 Program


2022/9/18 (Sun)

15:00- Registration starts
18:30- Dinner
(Reception is cancelled)

2022/9/19 (Mon)

09:00-10:30   Toshifumi Noumi
TBA -1-
10:45-12:15 Toshifumi Noumi
TBA -2-
14:00-14:301 min. talks for poster presentations
14:30-16:00Poster session
16:00-17:00Break, free discussion
17:00-17:25 Kento Akamatsu
Gauge Symmetry Breaking in Flux Compactification with Wilson-line Scalar Condensate
17:25-17:50 Shihwen Hor
Nambu-Goldstone Higgs Model in SU(5)
17:50-18:15 Keiichi Watanabe
More on Fake GUT

2022/9/20 (Tue)

09:00-10:30   Tom Melia
見ぬが花: Two Lectures on Effective Field Theory -1-
10:50-11:15 Shih-Yen Tseng
Probing new physics by the muon EDM
11:15-11:40 Kazuki Tanaka
Neutrinoless double beta decay and nature of right-handed neutrino
11:40-12:05 Michiru Niibo
Neutrino lines from MeV dark matter annihilation and decay in JUNO
12:05-12:30 Kei Yamamoto
Phenomenological implications of the modular symmetry
12:30-16:30Lunch, free discussion
16:30-18:00 Valerie Domcke
TBA -1-

2022/9/21 (Wed)

09:00-10:30 Tom Melia
見ぬが花: Two Lectures on Effective Field Theory -2-
10:50-11:15 Weiguang Cao
Non-renormalization theorems in EFT beyond linear order
11:15-11:40 Jason Kristiano
One-loop perturbativity bound in single-field inflation
11:40-12:05 Qiang Li
Instability of the Electroweak Vacuum in Starobinsky Inflation
12:05-12:30 Fumio Uchida
Baryon isocurvature constraints about the origin of the cosmological magnetic field
12:30-16:30Lunch, free discussion
16:30-18:00 Valerie Domcke
TBA -2-

2022/9/22 (Thu)

09:00-09:25 Nagisa Hiroshima
Semi-analytical framework for DM structure and its application to cosmology
09:25-09:50 Kento Asai
Scalar Dark Matter with a μτ Flavored Mediator
09:50-10:15 Yu Hamada
Electroweak-Skyrmion as Asymmetric Dark Matter
10:35-11:00 Kensuke Akita
Probing non-standard neutrino interactions with a light boson from next galactic and diffuse supernova neutrinos
11:00-11:25 Kunio Kaneta
Boltzmann or Bogoliubov? A Case of Gravitational Particle Production
11:25-11:50 Yutaka Hosotani
Holography in anomaly flow and anomaly cancellation in GHU
11:50-12:00 Nobuhiro Maekawa

Poster Session

List of poster presentations

Atsuya NikiLeptophilic gauge bosons at the lepton beam dump experiment
Che-Yu Chen [Online]Eikonal quasinormal modes and photon orbits of deformed Schwarzschild black holes
Yuji OmuraTeV-scale vector leptoquark from Pati-Salam unification with vectorlike families
Yuichi MiyashitaTopological defects in nonlocal field theories
Masaki YangConditions of general Z_{2} symmetry and TM$_{1,2}$ mixing for the minimal type-I seesaw mechanism in an arbitrary basis
Yukimura IzawaLepton flavor structure based on 3HDM
Yuhei SakaiCogenesis of Dark Matter and Baryon Asymmetries in Scotogenic Model
Jun'ya KumeTowards the multi-messenger constraint on the Abelian-Higgs cosmic string model
Masato YamanakaThermal relic density of super-heavy dark matter
Tomohiro Abe [Online]A model of pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone dark matter from a softly broken SU(2) global symmetry with a U(1) gauge symmetry
Yukihiro KandaNon-topological string in supersymmetric $SU(N) \times U(1)$ gauge theory and their stability
Maki TakeuchiBlow-up of magnetized T^2/Z_2 and index theorem
Hajime OtsukaGeneralized Matter Parities from Finite Modular Symmetries
Keiya Ishiguro [Online]Residual flavor symmetry breaking of modular flavor models from the string landscape
Yusuke ShimizuTime evolution of lepton number and Majorana type phases
Yu WatanabeA Global Analysis of Resonance-enhanced Light Scalar Dark Matter
Yuki WatanabeMediator decays at the threshold