Summer Institute 2022
18-22 September, 2022, Fuji-Yoshida, Japan


About SI2022

Welcome to the 26th International Summer Institute on Phenomenology of Elementary Particle Physics and Cosmology (SI2022). The Summer Institutes have been held summer since 1995. Most previous meetings were held at Mt. Fuji of Japan, except for SI2006 at Pohang, SI2013 at Jiri-Mountain and SI2019 at Gangneung (Korea), SI2008 and SI2016 at Xitou and SI2012 at Sun Moon Lake (Taiwan), and SI2015 at Yan-Xi Lake and SI2018 at Tianjin (China).

Unfortunately, SI2020 and SI2021 were canceled due to the COVID-19 disaster. This year, SI2022 will be held at Fuji-Yoshida, Japan. Because of the COVID-19, we have decided to hold SI2022 on a shorter schedule, and in principle to keep the participants from within Japan. (Those who are staying in Japan for the duration of the schedule are also welcomed.) We will make it possible for out-of-japan attendee to participate online.

The purpose of the Summer Institute is to promote communications and discussions on research among participants, rather than to give pedagogical lectures for students. Therefore the scientific program is relaxed to keep enough time for discussions. We hope that the new ideas and research activities will be initiated from this institute.


Physics beyond the Standard Model, particle cosmology, flavor physics, gravitational wave, string phenomenology, effective field theory, etc.

Invited Lecturers

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Local Organizing Committee

  • T. Asaka (Niigata U.) K. Hamaguchi (U. of Tokyo), N. Hiroshima (U. of Toyama, RIKEN), T. Kobayashi (Hokkaido U.), J. Kubo (U. of Toyama, MPIK Heidelberg), T. Kugo (Kyoto U.), N. Maekawa (Nagoya U.) Chair, S. Matsumoto (Kavli IPMU), K. Oda (Tokyo Woman's Christian U.), T. Shindou (Kogakuin U.), K. Tsumura (Kyushu U.)

International Organizing Committee

  • K. Cheung (NTHU), T. Kurimoto (U. of Toyama), M. Tanimoto (Niigata U.), S.C. Park (Yonsei U.), K. Choi (IBS), G. Hou (NTU), J.E. Kim (SNU), P. Ko (KIAS), O. Kong (NCU), J.S. Lee (Chonnam National U.), C-D. Lu (LUCD), Q. Wang (Tsinghua U.), M. Spinrath (NTHU), T.C. Yuan (Academia Sinica), C.-R. Chen (NTNU), C.-S. Chu (NTHU)